Brand History

Brand symbol and meaning

Symbol is sourced by Chinese brand,

NSD is initial letter of every Chinese name,Stars represent high quality of NSD products.

NSD with its own unique design philosophy and tireless willpower, is eager to stand out in the cleaning industry, to provide more professional products and services which makes cleaning become easier.

Brand History

  • Shenzhen NSD Precision Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in Shenzhen, Guangdong, opened the NSD optoelectronics of the growth process. Its companies are: ultrasonic cleaning equipment, precision cleaning equipment, solar photovoltaic equipment, and water purified equipment.

  • With sale more than 30 million, then established subsidiary company ZC International Technology Co.,Limited.

  • With sale more than 35 million. And extend to the second manufacturing factory which also located in Guangdong.

  • With the improvement of technical, we can produce more kinds of machines than before, we cooperated with Continental AG.

  • We still focus on the manufacturing and quality to make our products more competitive, as we have been the supplier of Japan customer.

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