• Optical


    Cleaning machine is widely used in electronic and optical industry for high standard cleaning results ●To clean PCB board (PCB Board Cleaning System) ●To clean electronic and optical parts ( Elect.. [View Details]

    Source: PostDate:2017-06-09

  • Hardware


    Hardware Industry: ●To clean precision bearing parts, sealing parts and machine tool accessories (Hardware Parts Cleaner) ●To clean gear, chemical pipeline and other accessories (Hardware Parts Cl.. [View Details]

    Source: PostDate:2017-06-09

  • Maintenance


    ●To clean engine block for maintenance ( Engine Parts Cleaner) ●To clean injector and fuel pumps for maintenance (Injector Cleaner) ●To clean sparking plug for maintenance (Hardware Parts Clean.. [View Details]

    Source: PostDate:2017-06-09

  • Automotive


    Ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in automotive, motorcycle and ship industry, including: ●To clean automobile clutch, shock absorber, rear axle ( Motor Parts Cleaner) ●To clean automobil.. [View Details]

    Source: PostDate:2017-06-09

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