Ultrasonic Cleaning System NSD-150162STH

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Product specifications:
Cleaning system is specially designed as customer req...

  • Name: Manual Optical Glass Cleaning and Drying System
  • 1. Adopt neutral liquid, DI water, IPA dehydration and drying.

    2. Adopt new style ultrasonic generator, with function of frequency display, power adjustment, sweeping and digital timer.

    3. 40kHz、68kHz multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning technics.

    4. High precision filter circulation system to minimize the consumption of liquids.

    5. Adopt multi-tanks ultrasonic cleaning process to guarantee product high cleanliness.

    6. With high sensitive fire-proof and explosion prevention system.

    7. Indirectly heated by high temperature thermal oil, more safe.

    8. With waste gas exhaust system to avoid secondary pollution.

  • For cleaning and drying precision optical lens before or after coating.
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