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Product specifications:
Automatic one-with-two plane mask production line rea...

  • Automatic Mask Production Line

    Machine Introduction

    Automatic one-with-two plane mask production line realizes automatic production of medical mask,mainly including coil material feeding, folding and pressing, nasal bridge rib feeding, maskshaping, mask cutting, ear belt feeding and welding finished products unloading, etc., completingthe entire production process from raw materials to finished masks.

    Technical Data

    Automatic One-with-Two Plane Mask Production Line

    Production Line Model

    NSD-NF28-4URWC-3- 175X95-T-VSA-FL1500-NA- 1P220

    Mask Types

    General Medical Mask(YY/T0969)

    Surgical Medical Mask(YY0469)

    Mask Specification

    175mm x 95mm

    Cycle Time



    PP nonwoven composite fiber

    Mask Layer

    3 layers

    Processing Method

    Ultrasonic Welding

    Control Screen

    10’ LCD touch screen

    Air Pressure




    Power Supply


    Floor Space

    7100mm x 3000mm x 780mm

    Optional Device

    1. Automatic monitoring and removing unit for defective products

    2. Automatic sterilization unit

    3. Dust-free cleaning unit

    4.Automatic bagging unit

  • 1.Three rolls materials of surface layer, filter layer and bottom layer are automatically aligned for feeding, bilateral symmetrical ultrasonic continuous blank pressing. The materials are cut off by continuous roller blank pressing, then they are divided into two stations for ear belt welding to improve production efficiency, and the finished masks are automatically counted and palletized after ear belt welding.

    2.The production line adopts one-with-two structure. A main mask production body is connected to the two sets of automatic ear belt welding station through the conveying system.

    3.Realize nose clip automatic feeding shear and ultrasonic welding.

    4.High efficient production, daily mask production: 160,000pcs/24h.

    5.Able to produce different kinds of products, can realize production of different shapes and different specification masks by changing molds.

  • It is suitable for automatic production and processing of general medical masks and disposable surgical masks.

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