Ultrasonic Cleaning System NSD-120324STH

Category:Cleaning System

Product specifications:
Cleaning system is specially designed as customer req...

  • Name: Optical Cleaning and Drying System
  • 1. Use DI-water slowly pulling dehydration and hot air drying system.

    2. High precision filter circulation system to minimize the consumption of liquids.

    3. With agitator to move the items up and down, which accelerates the falling of sticking grease and dirt, improves the cleaning results.

    4. With arc-shaped interval and saw shaped overflow device, more practical.

    5. Adopt new style ultrasonic generator, with function of frequency display, power adjustment, sweeping and digital timer.

    6. With imported high sensitive fire-proof and explosion prevention system.

    7. With complete alarm system for overload protection of filtration and agitator.

  • To clean various glass and acrylic glass before or after grinding and cutting.
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