Ultrasonic Cleaning System NSD-100216STH

Category:Cleaning System

Product specifications:
Cleaning system is specially designed as customer requirements. Mostly for high cleanliness required products cleaning. Cleaning system is divided into two kinds, one is manual machine and another is fully automatic. Cleaning system with many tanks with different functions, like cleaning, rinsing, and drying. It combines all the functions in one system.

  • Name: Automatic TFT Ultrasonic Cleaning and Drying System
  • 1. National leading TFT ultrasonic cleaning system.

    2. Intelligent multi-arm transferring without oil and dust to reduce pollution.

    3. Independent cleaning cabin to reduce pollution.

    4. 40kHz、80kHz、120kHz multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning technics.

    5. Leading technics suitable for cleaning first class LCD.

    6. High effective high temperature filter to avoid secondary pollution.

    7. Automatic slowly pull transmission with oil and dust.

  • To clean TFT, LCD and high-class glass.
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