Ultrasonic Cleaning System NSD-28000H

Category:Cleaning System

Product specifications:
Cleaning system is specially designed as customer req...

  • Name: Automatic Through-type Cleaning and Drying System
  • 1. PLC+ Intelligent touch control, simple and convenient. With data automatic storage, the machine will stop when detect no product.

    2. Fully enclosed structure to avoid the secondary pollution during cleaning and improve the cleaning efficiency.

    3. High powerful imported motor + SUS chain to satisfy high production volume and convey more steadily.

    4. Air shearing isolation, to avoid the pollution between different processes.

    5. High powerful fans, stronger wind and to improve drying efficiency.

    6. Infrared + hot air dying to produce more heat and improve dying efficiency.

    7. High powerful cool fan at the end of machine to make the items directly enter next process.

    8. All electric parts is of famous brand, high quality and more reliable.

  • To clean various auto parts, hardware back plate and back plate.
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