Ultrasonic Cleaner NSD-1020RH

Category:Multifunctional Series

Product specifications:
Multifunctional series is suitable for cleaning big parts like engine. This series machines with functions ultrasonic, heat, filter, agitator and lift. With these functions, it can clean the parts very efficient, convenient and lower cost. Filtering system can reuse the liquid, lift system can make load easy. And components are famous brand which provide more stable and high quality products.

  • Machine Type: Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Material: SUS, stainless steel

    Dimension (L*W*H): 2015Lmm*1220Wmm*2130Hmm

    Frequency: 25KHZ

    Heating Power: 32KW

    Power (W): 8.4W

  • 1. Roll-to-roll material type cleaning system. Suitable for material type hardware cleaning.

    2. Man-machine interface. PLC control system, electrical transmission, adjustable speed motor placed outside the body to ensure safety.

    3. Explosion-proof electrical materials.

    4. Automatic level control system.

    5. Using single overflow device. Liquid flow back to the storage tank and to main tank after circulating form a circulating system.

    6. Automatic sensing probe is placed on a material receiving section, automatic remind after the cleaning of material belt.

  • Automatic roller cleaning system NSD-1020RH at 28kHz (other frequency can be customized), getting better cleaning results. Any size and function can be customized according to your requirements. It is specially designed for cleaning roller-type products. It is easy to operate, less time and less labor.
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