Ultrasonic Cleaner NSD-10120S

Category:Functional Series

Product specifications:
Functional series machines fully stainless steel construction and high tech design make the machines with best cleaning effect. We also design and manufacture custom systems for unique applications and can provide components to convert or upgrade an existing tank. Whether you need a system to clean bearings, window blinds, optical precision components or aircraft components, we have an R&D team that can provides you with the results.

  • Machine Type: Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Material: SUS (With lid and basket)

    Capacity: 420L

    Dimension (L*W*H): 1000Lmm*650Wmm*650Hmm

    External Size: 1800Lmm*1000Wmm*1060Hmm

    Ultrasonic Freq.: 28kHz、40kHz

    Heat Power: 9KW

    Ultrasonic Power: 6KW

    Big Volume Ultrasonic Cleaner


    Internal Size

    External Size















  • 1. Function:Ultrasonic/ Heat/ Digital Temperature

    2. Tank built of SUS 304, 2.0mm-trick;

    3. Separate control ultrasonic generator with function of frequency display, power adjustment, sweeping and digital timer.

    4. Digital temperature adjustable to 99℃.

    5. Time adjustable within 99 minutes.

    6. Easier operation, less cost, high ultrasonic power to get the effective cleaning result.

    7. With basket, cover and caster.

  • Ultrasonic Washer with Big Volume for Hardware NSD-10120S, this machine is customized with big volume which can clean big parts. This machine is the simplest type of the machines with functions ultrasonic and heating.
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