Ultrasonic Cleaner NSD-1009FW

Category:Functional Series

Product specifications:
Functional series machines fully stainless steel cons...

  • Machine Type: Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Material: SUS (With lid and basket)

    Capacity: 14L

    Inner tank (L*W*H): 300Lmm×240Wmm×200Hmm

    Second tank size: 360Lmm×280Wmm×250Hmm

    External size: 530Lmm×480Wmm×740Hmm

    Ultrasonic Freq.: 28kHz、40kHz

    Heat Power: 2KW

    Ultrasonic Power: 450W

  • 1. Function: Ultrasonic/ Heating/ Digital Temperature Control/ Digital Timer

    2. With double-deck tank, for solvent cannot heat directly

    3. Tank made of real SUS304, resistant from rust and no leave terrible water stain.

    4. With mechanical temperature controller, temperature adjustable to 80℃.

    5. With mechanical timer, time adjustable from 1s-99.99h.

    6. With built-in ultrasonic generator.

    7. Made by manual welding and bending, quality is better and more practical.

    8. Suitable for factory, can continue working for a whole day.

    9. With cover.

  • To clean diesel parts, such as injector, small hardware parts, delicate electronic parts, medical parts and lab tools, etc
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