Spray cleaning machine NSDW1-910RA

Technical Data

Machine Type: Industrial Spray Cleaner

Material: SUS (With lid and basket)

Rotation Tray Diameter: 910mm

Heat Power: 12KW

Spray Rate: 170l/min

Spray Pressure: 2.3bar


1. Function:Heat/ Spray

2. Tank built of SUS 304

3. With oil scraper to separate and remove the oil from the liquid.

4. With the exhaust fan to drive away the vapor which high pressure spray generate.

5. With tray (basket) rotation actuated by motor to ensure the items can be cleaned in each direction.

6. With spray pipe installed nozzles on both sides.

7. With storage tank under the tray to fill with liquid.

8. With small electric cabinet to control the whole machine electricity.

9 Easier operation, less cost, effective cleaning result.

10. With basket, cover and caster


NSD-W1-910RA is a high pressure spray cleaning machine which is used to clean all types of auto parts, such as engines blocks, cylinder heads, gearboxes, transmission systems, etc.


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