Spray cleaning machine NSD-2000S

Technical Data

Machine Type: Industrial Spray Cleaner

Material: SUS

Dimension (L*W*H): *H): 800Lmm*700Wmm*960Hmmm

External Size: 1615Lmm×1020Wmm×1930Hmm

Heat Power: 4KW


1. One station with rotation and spraying.

2. With one storage tank to put one kind liquid.

3. With high efficiency filter circulation system to keep the clean liquid recycled back to the spraying room.

4. Latest electric control system, real automatic high pressure mode without manual operation.

5. With large flow injection for cleaning.

6. Maximum spraying pressure above 1000KGS.

7. Energy saving heating method.


High pressure cleaning machine with rotating system NSD-2000SH is one model of multifunctional ultrasonic series at 28kHz, getting better cleaning results.  Any size and function can be customized according to your requirement. Used for cleaning all kinds of hardware spare parts and small auto parts. The main function of this series is heating, spraying and circulation filtration, etc. It is widely used in the workshop and factory.

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