Ultrasonic Cleaning Board NSD-10P

Technical Data

Name: Immerse Transducer Unit

1. Transducer plays an important role in cleaning process.

2. Transducers generate ultrasound waves to agitate cleaning solvent,creating a process called cavitation. Thousands of tiny bubbles induced constantly by the agitation act on contaminants adhering to items like metals, glass, plastic and ceramics. This action also penetrates blind holes and cracks, which intention is to remove all contamination tightly embedded onto solid surfaces. Utilizing a solvent can also enhance the cleaning effect.

3. Consist of transducer broad and ultrasonic generator. Suitable for various sizes tank.

4. Immerse transducer board which are fully sealed, can be placed on the bottom or sides of tank to meet different cleaning requests.

5. They can work continuously for 24 hours and fit for volume production.


Suitable for any tank cleaning.

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