Ultrasonic Cleaner NSD-1002A

Technical Data

Machine Type: Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Material: SUS (With lid and basket)

Capacity: 3L

Dimension (L*W*H): 200*150*130mm

External Size: 272*232*382mm

Ultrasonic Freq.: 28KHZ, 40KHZ

Heat Power (W): 100W

Ultrasonic Power: 100W


1. Function:Ultrasonic/ Heat/ Digital Temperature

2. Tank built of SUS 304, 2.0mm-trick;

3. With function of frequency display, power adjustment, and digital timer.

4. Digital temperature adjustable to 90℃.

5. Time adjustable within 60 minutes.

6. Easier operation, less cost, high ultrasonic power to get the effective cleaning result.

7. With basket, cover.


Small digital ultrasonic cleaner NSD-1002A, it is designed to clean small diesel parts, auto parts and electric parts, such as injector. It can effectively remove oil, dust and stubborn stains to save time and labor, which is widely used in diesel injection work shop, auto parts rebuilding work shop.


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