Ultrasonic Cleaning System NSD-3096STH

Technical Data

Name: 3 Tanks Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning System


1. Cleaning Process: Ultrasonic Cleaning + Ultrasonic Cleaning+ Drying

2. Adopt new style ultrasonic generator, with function of frequency display, power adjustment, sweeping and digital timer.

3. Adopt high quality imported transducer, more powerful and getting better cleaning result.

4. With overflow in the cleaning tank and spraying tank, adopt saw-tooth shape on overflow to make the floating waste fast remove outside and drain out through pipeline.

5. High precision filter circulation system to minimize the consumption of liquids.

6. With automatic temperature control system for heating.

7. With big enough outlet on the bottom of tank, for better draining and tank cleaning.

8. With cabinet to put the generator in, more safe and easier for maintenance and controlling.


To clean and dry metal parts.

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