Ultrasonic Cleaner NSD-1036SF

Technical Data

Machine Type: Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Material: SUS (With lid and basket)

Capacity: 100L

Dimension (L*W*H): 500Lmm×500Wmm×550Hmm

External Size: 900Lmm×830Wmm×960Hmm

Ultrasonic Freq.: 28kHz、40kHz

Heat Power: 4KW

Ultrasonic Power: 1800W


1. Function: Ultrasonic/ Heating/ Agitator/ Filtration/ Electric Control System

2. Tank built of SUS 304, prevented from rust and erosion.

3. With agitator to move the items up and down, which accelerates the falling of sticking grease and dirt, improves the cleaning results.

4. With main tank and auxiliary tank, dirty liquid flows through filter and pump, and clean liquid is finally recycled back to main tank, to minimize the consumption of liquids.

5. With digital ultrasonic timer and digital temperature controller.

6. Separate control ultrasonic generator with function of frequency display, power adjustment, sweeping and digital timer.

7. All buttons control, more simple and convenient.

8. With basket, cover and caster.


To clean hardware parts, stamping part, motor parts and electronic parts to fast remove dust and oil.


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